Learn to scuba dive


Don’t let your dream of exploring the Great Barrier Reef be put on hold because you don’t know how to scuba dive. You can discover the best possible adventure by quickly learning to scuba dive while on a Great Barrier Reef vacation. With just a short session, you’ll be plunging into the water of the Great Barrier Reef!


The Great Barrier Reef is an excellent place to learn to scuba dive. With your Reef Trip, you can learn to scuba dive, allowing you to explore an exciting underwater world.

There are a couple of options available for those interested in learning to scuba dive while on their Great Barrier Reef trip.


However, please be aware that although scuba diving is considered safe, you will need to submit a medical questionnaire to ensure no underlying health conditions pose a danger. Also, those learning to scuba dive must be over 12.

Introductory courses in scuba diving, often referred to as resort diving, teach you the basics to safely scuba dive. Your instructor will teach you about proper safety, basic methods to scuba dive, and how to use the scuba diving equipment correctly. After understanding the equipment and learning the basics, you’ll be diving into the water with your instructor to begin exploring the Great Barrier Reef.

The introductory courses are perfect for those who have no prior diving experience and don’t hold a Scuba License. These simple courses are great for those who need a little refresher before diving into the water.

Learning to scuba dive

Upon completing your diving course, you will then have the opportunity to take additional courses during your trip. You can become a certified diver and even take specialty courses to further your diving skills. With more skills added to your belt, more doors open to exciting locations.

However, you’ll still benefit from fantastic dive sites even with introductory courses. You’ll swim in open water next to an abundance of marine life. As you explore the vibrant coral gardens, you’ll swim right next to a diverse selection of marine life, including turtles, fish, and maybe even a whale or white tip reef shark.

If you’re ready to take the vacation of your dreams to the Great Barrier Reef, learn to scuba dive while on your Reef trip.

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