VIP Cairns Reef Day Tour


Reef Experience’s Top Deck Club !


If you want the ultimate VIP experience when exploring the Great Barrier Reef, join the Top Deck Club for an amazing day tour of the reef.

Top Deck Club reef trips offer many amazing benefits that aren’t typically found with other day tours.

For example, you’ll have your very own personal valet for the day, the best amenities, and gourmet meals.

With the Top Deck Club, you’ll receive unbeatable customer service for your satisfaction.

Enjoy a day of leisure as all of your needs are catered to, then dive into the reef to begin exploring the energetic underwater world.

You’ll benefit from personal diving courses if you need them, which are lead by highly skilled and professional instructors.

Afterwards, dive into the water to discover the best locations in the Great Barrier Reef.

You’re in-water guide will help ensure you have the best and safest diving experience possible.


As a member of our Top Deck Club, you’ll have your own personal Great Barrier Reef guide, both onboard and in the water.

Your guide will ensure everything runs smoothly while on your day tours.

Your guide will cater to your every need, including retrieving your equipment.

There’s no need to wait in any lines either as your guide will bring you everything you need, including your meals.

With the Top Deck Club VIP day tour, you’ll even dine in style with fresh gourmet meals.

You’ll benefit from a wide selection of foods and beverages.

The crew will even cater to any special dietary needs you may have.

While onboard, members of the Top Deck Club VIP day tour benefit from reserved seating areas, including in the Captain’s wheelhouse. So, there’s no need to worry about finding a place to sit.

Everything will literally be taken care of for you from the moment you step on board to the moment you get off.

No need to worry about your luggage, standing in line for meals, or waiting for your scuba diving equipment.

We have it all covered so you can sit back and relax while we take care of all of your needs.

If you’re ready to have a truly relaxing and amazing experience exploring the Great Barrier Reef, do it in style and comfort by joining the Top Deck Club for your VIP day tour.

For a longer stay, there are also multi-day reef trips available as well with the Top Deck Club.

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 5 May 2014 

Wow what an amazing day we had on the GBR with Reef Experience. When you’ve travelled to the other side of the world (from London) and you’re only likely to do it once in a lifetime we decided to do it as well as possible.

So we choose the VIP Top Deck package. It was everything we wanted and so much more.  Read more about Reef Experience Top Deck Club on Tripadvisor