Great Barrier Reef liveaboard

liveaboard reef trips


Liveaboards are an excellent way to make the most of your time visiting the Great Barrier Reef.

Basically, a liveaboard is like a luxury hotel on water, offering everything you need right on board so there’s no need to head to shore.

Liveaboard reef trips allow you to explore the Great Barrier Reef for one day or many days.

Depending on the length of your tour, you’ll visit many exciting locations on the reef– providing great opportunities to scuba dive and snorkel.


Great Barrier Reef liveaboards allow you to head to dive sites on the Outer reef and even many of the islands.

You’ll benefit from multiple dives each day at a number of locations.

No two dive sites are alike, so each dive will be exciting and unique.

If you aren’t into scuba diving, Cairns liveaboards are even perfect for snorkeling tours.

You’ll still have a great time snorkeling the reef systems, while heading back on deck for food and to sleep.


Liveaboards have it all, including cozy beds and gourmet meals.

Everything will be included on your liveaboard tour.

The staff onboard will cater to your needs, so you can spend more time relaxing. Even when you’re not in the water, you’ll still have an amazing time on the reef.

As you soak up the sun on deck, you have the chance to whale watch.

You’ll see many sea birds and a variety of marine life while on Great Barrier Reef liveaboards.

If you choose to book a liveaboard for scuba diving, you’ll benefit from the onboard scuba diving courses.

From introductory and refresher courses to advanced and specialty courses, you’ll be able to dive into the water in no time. Plus, all of the equipment you need are right on board as well.

With liveaboard reef trips, you’ll head to many popular dives sites as well as more isolated sites for a great diving experience. Water conditions are accessed daily to ensure you have the best time possible with maximum visibility. You can even night dive while taking Great Barrier Reef liveaboard tours.

There are many different liveaboard tours and packages available– from budget friendly options to luxury accommodations.

Whichever  package you choose, you’ll have an unforgettable time exploring the Great Barrier Reef in the very best way possible.


Make the most go your time visiting the Great Barrier Reef with Cairns liveaboard diving!